Our mission is to be an impeccable-quality odontological clinic composed by a qualified unit of interdisciplinary professionals, permanently up to date to offer trust and confidence to their patients through a long lasting relationship and gratifying in time.


Turn professional performance into a plan that can share knowledge and education about oral health with patients and their families in order to contribute in a generous manner to an optimum quality of life and heathier society. Everything inside a frame of absolute respect for human being essencial values.


  • Offer oral health to children and adults performing excelent treatments with the best dental materials based on scientific evidence.
  • Apply the most advanced technological and human resources necessary in order tu offer the best treatment according to the patient´s needs.

Some of the benefits we offer

  • We count with spacious instalations, modern dental equipment with the latest technology for better comfort and confidence for the patient.
  • We apply high quality materials of recognized brands like 3M, Ultradent and Zoom (they help diminish postoperatory sensitivity and provide longer durability and esthetic of the acquired treatment, among many other benefits.)
  • We fulfil all the aseptic, hygenic conditions and management of biodangerous wastes demanded by the Health Ministry.
  • Comfortable waiting room with Wi-Fi Internet and TV.
  • Flexible schedule, including Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Emergency Atention
  • We receive credit cards
  • Parking inside the installations
  • Mobil transportable dental equipment. Allows perfmoring dental treatments directly inside the company so that the patient doesn´t have to travel.