Cosmetic or Estethic Dentistry

After taking care of the existant tissues and repairing and improving the necessary ones, we finish our procedure achieving a beautiful and healthy oral cavity.

Veneers, crowns, bonding and whitening are part of this strategy. We can obtain a better size, shape, position and color of the hard tissues besides closing spaces with the bonding 3M restaurative material or we can cover teeth partially or totally with veneers or cowns specially designed.

Dental whitening can be done at home by the patient itself or directly in the clinic during a 45 minute session by the professional. Materials used for this process are the ones recommended at the cosmetic seminars by highly specialized professionals. The formula contains a special ingredient to protect soft tissues and to minimize teeth sensibility. Whitening process elimanates the yellowish and brownish stains due to ingestion of coffee, tea, coke, tobacco, red wine, etc or due to the loss of vitality as well as the ingestion of tetracyclines or fluorides. Hydrogen peroxide degrades and the oxygen penetrates into the enamel giving back its white color specially in the darker areas. The structure of the teeth doesn´t get damaged, it only changes its color.

Permanence depends on what type of habits the patient has, specially in the ingestion of foods and beverages highly dyed. If necessary, the process can be repeated periodically.


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