Resin Composites

What do you really want in a filling? If you want a restoration that restores the original strength of the tooth while maintaining the most amount of natural, finite tooth structure, metal-free fillings are for you. Our Leb Dental Care technique utilizes bonding to fuse metal-free filling material with teeth, so teeth do not need to be drilled beyond their decay.

These metal-free fillings are incredibly strong because of their advanced bonding properties. Another advantage is that these tooth-colored fillings, also called composite resins, are a good long-term material for a filling. They do not expand or contract with temperature changes, like metal does. This constant movement weakens and cracks teeth, making metal-free fillings a better alternative, preferred by Dr. Gianina Soto and Dr. Lidiana Echeverria.

You don't have to be a dentist to realize that tooth-colored, metal-free fillings are more aesthetically pleasing. The same teeth look drastically better with metal-free fillings, which compliment your entire mouth. Give your smile a light, attractive look, you could even get teeth whitening.

Protect your smile and your teeth for the long term with metal-free fillings from Dr. Soto and Dr. Echeverria.


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