Office Whitening

Any smile can easily become more attractive with some professional teeth whitening. Leb Dental Care's Dr. Soto and Dr. Echeverria maximize the effectiveness of our two teeth whitening methods: Zoom! Teeth Whitening and take-home methods, used with custom trays.

Not every whitening method is right for every patient. Dr. Soto and Dr. Echeverria will work with you to determine your cause of discoloration and learn your preferences and expectations from teeth whitening in Leb Dental Care. Whether you come in for a single, quick visit to take part in Zoom! in-office teeth whitening or use an at-home method, your teeth will become several shades brighter. Enjoy an easy, safe and professional result that puts sparkle in your smile and a spring in your step.

For certain types of tooth discoloration or decay, porcelain veneers or metal-free fillings may provide you a lasting solution for a bright, beautiful smile! Call us today about our teeth whitening (including Zoom! whitening) in Leb Dental Care.


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